Leaf and Limb
Interior Plantscapes transforming offices
  • Installation of live plants or flowers acclimated to low or high light levels specific to your interior space
  • Selection of rare and unusual plants to compliment your existing decor creating a harmonious space
  • Offers a wide choice of planters in a variety of textures and finishes
  • Provides an optional guaranteed maintenance program whereby unhealthy plants are replaced automatically at no additional cost
  • Maintenance of our plants’ natural beauty without harmful artificial leaf shines or toxic sprays creating a healthier work environment
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority while affording quality and care for your interior plant landscape
  • Holiday plant installations available as well (poinsettias, boxwood, firs, etc.)

    Creating plant landscapes is our passion not just a job

Why Living Landscapes?
  • Indoor living plants and flowers engage the senses and create better employee and employer relationships
  • Plants help to detoxify the environment and create a healthier work environment
  • Living landscapes enhance office, lobby, conference areas, atriums, and any other professional space to create a harmonious atmosphere inviting to your customers and employees
  • Research shows that plants and flowers reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Surrounded by a welcoming environment of nature helps employees to recover faster from illnesses
  • Plants help to absorb sound
  • Plants and flowers help to inspire, create, and grow within an environment creating balance
Leaf and Limb’s personal dedication to our office is bar none to always make sure the customer is satisfied.
– Horses ‘N Harmony
Leaf and Limb’s has always given us fair pricing and quality plants for our office.
– Aiello Construction, Inc.
Leaf and Limb has always added special landscaping interest to our mall.
– Metrowest Mall
Jay at Leaf and Limb always kept our lobbies looking beautiful for being a missile supplier where sometimes our lobbies look too industrial.

The Leaf and Limb Guaranteed Health Plan
  • Watering
  • Fertilization
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning
  • Pruning
  • Insect Prevention
  • Disease Prevention
  • Ailing Plant Replacement


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Just getting your business growing, already an established business, not sure what you want or envision, set up and appointment with Leaf & Limb for all your landscaping needs. Over 30 years of enhancing office lives.